How to set Smart Rocks

If you have heard about EOS, you might have come across the term ‘Rock(s)’.

This isn’t a geological phenomenon, or a stumbling block on your path to success.

Let me explain: quite simply, ‘Rocks’ are priorities.

Rocks got their name from a simple science experiment made popular by Dr Stephen R Covey.

Book review: What the heck is EOS?

What the heck is EOS? is the latest book about the Entrepreneurial Operating System, written by founder Gino Wickman and Certified EOS Implementer Tom Bouwer.

It’s a really clear explanation of the process and is the perfect book to help you get to grips with what might at the start seem like a tricky system to understand.

The authors have joined forces to create a book that will become many readers’ best friend. It breaks down EOS in a way that offers an enjoyable and straightforward read from beginning to end, and can provide a quick refresher when needed.