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What people say

“The first session with Julia, everybody was completely blown away, it was fantastic.

“It wouldn’t matter what business I run – the next business, the next business after that, every single one of them going forwards, I will be using these tools, it’s as simple as that.”

Howard Bootle, founder, Lantec

“If you have a growing business, but are hitting a ceiling, or you have grown to the point where things are disjointed or disorganised, I would definitely recommend Bold Clarity and the EOS system.”

Jason Choy, founder, Welcome Gate

“The most amazing thing with Julia is she has that absolutely credibility of having been there and done it herself. That’s the uniqueness around why we work with Bold Clarity, because that’s very different from everyone else in our market.”

Grant Powell, Central Working

“Julia is truly a class act. She always delivers on what she promises. She is always willing to help whenever asked. I am always so impressed with her leadership skills.”

Gino Wickman, EOS founder

“EOS has clarified the roles of the leadership team, giving people the authority to act and be who they should be. The big lesson has been the importance of holding out for the simple answer when it’s not the easy one.”

Julian Tomlinson, Auto Legal Protection
Auto Legal Protection

I founded and built a multimillion pound business in three countries and was an early pioneer of pop-up retailing. After 14 years, I successfully exited the business and became the first EOS Implementer in the UK, to help leadership teams and entrepreneurs clarify, simplify and achieve their vision and provide tools to run their business better.

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