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How to communicate your vision

How do you align and communicate your vision to your team?

In order to take a company to the next level, most businesses will need to continually evolving their vision.

Your business may have outgrown your initial plans and become more complex as it has grown.

These three key points will help you get your team on board and communicate your vision as it evolves. 

1) Live the vision

Your team will want to see you leading by example.

Words will only get you so far when it comes to changing the direction or focus of your company.

“Do as I do, not as I say” – the leader and the leadership team needs to walk the talk. As goes the leadership team, so goes the whole company.

Your decisions, your language and your vision will be adopted by the rest of your team.

2) Evolve your vision

For any business to survive, it needs to be adaptable and flexible.

Market conditions change, competition increases, and this may have an impact on your vision.

There may well be parts of it which sound great on paper, but you’re are not able to implement either in the time-scale or way that you expected.

Be prepared to adapt the plans as you go along. Having regular “state-of-the-company” or “all-hands-meetings” every 90 days will help you to communicate the vision and hear valid concerns and feedback from your customer facing team, which is working on the front line.

Strong leaders are open to change and respond well to input from their teams. Receiving feedback is a part of getting everybody aligned and coming up with the best solutions for the organisation to execute on their vision.

3) Execute the vision

Don’t underestimate the problem-solving capabilities of your leadership team.

The great thing about having other people on board is that they too have shared knowledge and understanding of your business. Once you’ve recruited the right leaders in your team, use them as a resource to Identify, Discuss and Solve the issues the business faces.

Involving them in solutions gets more buy-in. They’ll solve problems faster, as they’re the ones who will need to carry out the actions and to dos.

Without a strong vision, you may have people working against where you want to take your company. Overall, you need a strong vision lived by the leaders, evolved on a constant basis, and communicated and aligned with the whole organisation.

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