Forum Facilitation

Forum Facilitation

Leading an organisation is often stressful and complicated. One of the most important factors in my success has been my membership in a peer group, where I was part of a forum.

I have been a member of a forum since 2003 and have had amazing value, both personally and professionally.

As a forum member, I have shared my own experiences and learnt from others in a confidential and supportive environment. This has given me personal awareness, that has led to transformational growth.

Being professionally certified and trained in forum facilitation, I bring deep personal understanding of how forums work and of the benefits they can bring through this training and direct experience.

I am a YPO & YPO Gold Certified Forum Facilitator, and an EO Certified Trainer. I can deliver:

  • Forum Fundamentals
  • Forum Moderator & Leadership Development
  • Bespoke Retreats
  • Forum Supercharge
  • Chapter-wide and Forum workshops

Over more than a decade, I have facilitated and trained over 1,500 entrepreneurs, CEOs and business leaders in over 20 countries.

I offer bespoke retreat design, forum facilitation and coaching for members and spouses of Young Presidents Organisation (YPO), the Entrepreneurs Organisation (EO) and other peer groups.

As a forum facilitator I help forums through the many levels of development including launching new forums, renewing purpose and the process of forum protocol, reinvigorating an existing forum’s energy, and deepening the conversations and connections amongst forum members.


Forum retreats give business leaders some time away from the day to day pressures of running their business to reflect, review and plan their business life.

Forum members work individually and as a group to gain clarity, share perspectives, learn, and enjoy some social time together. Deep sharing and learning occurs, and the experience can transform member’s approach and beliefs.

As a retreat facilitator I develop and deliver personalised Forum retreats to help members and those closest to them explore new ideas, mindsets, practices and perceptions that deepen the Forum experience individually and collectively.

Three Principles Coaching

As a Three Principles practitioner, I work with individuals to show them how the mind creates our life experience, and once we deepen our understanding, we have the ability to operate more effectively with a greater level of satisfaction, and ultimately, happiness.

By working with clients to create greater clarity, I help people overcome anxiety, reduce stress and help leaders to create environments where their teams can thrive.

I offer Three Principles Intensives and 1-2-1 coaching and am happy to offer a complimentary session to introduce it.

Please contact me so I can speak with you about how my forum facilitation can help you with the formation and development of your forum.


EO Certified Trainer & YPO Certified Forum Facilitator

What people say

Julia brings immense personal impact, a relentless outcome-focus and strong ability to hold empathetic, non-judgemental space. She enables the most challenging issues that confront us as entrepreneurs and forum members to be addressed. The result is facilitation that is undoubtedly best-in-world standard to deliver next level return on investment for forum members.

Ben Thomas EO London

Julia’s workshop was excellent and inspiring. Her presentation style is vibrant, passionate and energetic and she gave me an understanding of holistic model and approach of the ‘whole body’ of my business and therefore new tools for strengthening this ‘body’. She inspires everyone with her knowledge and we have already recommended Julia to others.

Barbara Elwardt EO, Berlin