Kolbe for team success

Understand your unique instincts, natural abilities or modus operandi (MO) and those of your team, using the Kolbe A Index™.

Discover how to best leverage all these to improve personal productivity and efficiency, maximise your strengths and increase your team performance.

Many businesses use psychometric tools to gain an insight into how potential and existing employees operate.

The Kolbe Index pinpoints your specific talents and natural way of taking action, and explains what makes people tick.

The Index is powerful because there are no right or wrong results. It helps to clarify the complexity of the full range of your creative drives so you can use them effectively.

Two ways to use it are:

  • when you are hiring new staff. It provides insights into their likely behaviour and actions
  • to help your existing team work well together by highlighting people’s natural strengths and differences and improving the team dynamic

Our consultation options:

1. One to one Kolbe A session with an employee plus a report to their leader (via Zoom video call)

This Includes:

  • Kolbe A Index, web link, report and one to one 45-minute Zoom call with team member for analysis, explanation and interpretation of personal results.
  • Email to leader with team member’s A Index and Coaching Report.


  • Help team member to identify and understand their natural strengths and grow in confidence.
  • Assists leader with understanding a team member’s strengths, how to work with them, and match tasks to their talents.
2.  Team Webinar  and report to leader (via Zoom video call)

This includes:

  • Kolbe A Index for each team member.
  • Group webinar explaining the reports, interpretations and analysis (90 minutes plus Q & A).
  • Team Distribution report.
  • Coaching Reports for leader.


  • Team member’s understanding their individual reports.
  • Improved understanding of how teams can work better together.
  • Improved communication between the team.
3. Kolbe A, B and C Team Workshop (On-site)

This includes:

  • Kolbe A and B Index for each team member.
  • Kolbe C Indexes for each role within the team/department.
  • Team workshop with conative exercises (4 hours).
  • Team Distribution report.
  • Conative strain and tension analysis.
  • Coaching Reports for leader.


  • Understanding of individual reports.
  • Understanding of the importance of conation individually and in teams.
  • Identify potential conative strain and tension in teams.
  • Improved communication as a team.
  • Increased productivity.
Read more: how Kolbe helped one team work together.


Using Kolbe can make it easier for teams to connect and work well together. It helps leaders build a positive team spirit and team members create strategies to work together more effectively, and ultimately, become more productive.

We are also able to offer bespoke services, including support during a recruitment process. Our team has two Kolbe Certified Consultants, Julia Langkraehr and Susan Hunt.

Click here to discuss how we can help you using Kolbe.



What people say

Kolbe is so positive. The workshop exceeded our expectations! With better communication, our team meetings are much more productive. We’ve moved away from a blame culture. We get some much more work done as we are now matching people’s talents to tasks.

Nana Badu Complete Care Solutions

The session really got me thinking about work dynamics, how I work with others, and why some colleagues may find the way I work tricky. I would recommend this to any business or anyone working in a team.

Hazel Smith Homestart, Greenwich