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The benefits of using Traction® Tools

Traction® Tools is a dashboard & workspace software for businesses implementing the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS).

It is your go-to place to store all the things you need to run your business efficiently.

At Bold Clarity, we use Traction® Tools every day. We use it to update our to do lists, add issues that need to be addressed, keep track of client updates, monitor progress on our quarterly priorities, and track the most important numbers in the business.

We can see everyone’s to do lists, headlines and issues, in one place, and are able to automate our Level 10 meetings. This makes us more efficient, productive and helps us to develop good habits and discipline.

The system can be customised by moving around tiles on the dashboard and headlines can be texted in via your mobile or added using the app.

Majida Burch, our integrator, says: “Traction Tools is a deceptively powerful piece of software, which is a wonderful time management and workflow tool. We have all of our current to dos and issues in one place, which enables easy access to information in our meetings.

“You can add notes, hyperlinks or documents to individuals to dos and issues so you don’t need to bring piles of paper to meetings or risk not having the information to hand to make a decision.

“The accountability chart can be updated in the moment, so it always reflects current duties and responsibilities.

“I love the fact I can be sitting on the phone and think of something that needs to be done, and just text it, or add it via the app.”

Benefits of Traction® Tools

  1. It’s an easy interface. The Traction team page customises every user’s experience depending on their locale, permissions, and time zone preferences. The tools use configurable dashboards which assist you to organise information by space, time and chosen criteria.
  2. It enables you to maintain all your EOS tools in one place. Traction Tools helps you get the most from EOS. The software includes your V/TO, your accountability chart, your scorecard, your rocks and your issues lists, so they’re kept all in one place.
  3. It assists in running a L10 meeting. Traction Tools helps you prepare for L10 meetings and update all the tools on a weekly basis. It has an automated meeting system which times each of the components of a L10 meeting so you can keep it on track. As you progress through the meeting, it pulls up the relevant tool and makes it easy to add issues and to dos automatically.  
  4. It can be utilised by the entire team. The software allows you to add departments, which create visibility for the leadership team  throughout the organisation. All members of a team can view data, promoting greater transparency. It improves communication and keeps everyone focused on their goals.
  5. It enables people in different locations to take part in L10 meetings. One of our clients has offices in the US, Antwerp, Singapore and the UK, and they’re all able to take part in L10 meetings, sharing the Traction Tools screen, using the software and participating via a video call software such as Zoom.  

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