Identify. Discuss. Solve – Infographic

This handy infographic explains the EOS process of IDS – Identify, Discuss, Solve.

IDS is a way to resolve the top issues your businesses face each week, and helps you get things done and achieve your quarterly Rocks, or priorities.

Identify Discuss Solve Infographic


Guest post: How we use Identify. Discuss, Solve to help us make decisions

If you would like to find out more about implementing EOS in your business, and how it can help with decision-making and other key processes, contact us for a complimentary introduction.

Traction First, Vision Second: Quick Tips Video 10

In this video, Julia explains the importance of setting smart priorities – both for your company and individuals on your leadership team.

Which should come first, your vision for your business or traction – getting it running smoothly. Julia explains why under the Entrepreneurial Operating System, Traction needs to come first.


Read more: What’s First: Traction or Vision?

Having founded three multi-million pound businesses, Julia is now a Certified EOS Implementer, helping leaders introduce the system to their businesses.

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Setting SMART rocks

Knowing what is important to the future of your business – and what is not – is one of the keys to success. Without this, you may never achieve your vision. 

That is why one of the early focuses of the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS), is to establish what you want your business to look like in three years time, your goals for your first year to help you achieve this, and your priorities, or Rocks – the three to five things the company needs to do in the next three months.

Setting Smart Priorities – Bold Clarity EOS Quick Tips 9

In this video, Julia explains the importance of setting smart priorities – both for your company and individuals on your leadership team.

In EOS, these are known as rocks. Setting rocks every 90 days is a key element of this business management system.

Setting smart priorities a way of clarifying and giving weight to the most important things which must be accomplished over the next 90 days.

Book review: How to be a great boss by Gino Wickman and Rene Boer

How to be a Great Boss sets out to solve the age-old problem of how to motivate your workforce… and how you’re at the centre of the issue.

It is authored by Gino Wickman, the founder of the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS), and the implementer Rene Boer, and is a fantastic one-stop-shop for those looking to figure out how to improve employee morale and motivation.

But what does it cover, and should you be interested?

Three examples of companies rightsizing their leadership teams

One issue most business founders’ wrestle with is the optimum size for  leadership teams.

We find when clients implement EOS, the structure of the leadership team changes about 20% of the time.

It is important to set it up to manage business growth, considering what the leadership team should look like six-12 months in the future.

Here we look at how three client’s leadership teams changed while they were implementing EOS.

Understanding Three Principles

Three Principles is an understanding of how the mind works, and a belief that our experience as human beings is created by our thoughts. The Three Principles are Mind, Consciousness and Thought.

The understanding of this is used in coaching and many different settings, in business, with mental health practitioners, in schools, and even in prisons for dealing with addiction. It can help with communication, decision making and problem solving, and help people to live a less stressful life.

Bold Clarity EOS Tips 8 : Rightsizing your leadership team

In this video, Julia Langkraehr discusses the importance of rightsizing your leadership team.

She explains the three major functions that most businesses need, plus the two roles of Visionary and Integrator which sit above these in the EOS Accountability Chart. 

Read more about why you should rightsize your leadership team

This is the eighth in our series of Bold Clarity Quick Tips with Julia, who is an EOS Implementer.

Watch the whole series on the Bold Clarity Youtube Channel. We release a new video every month, giving expert advice on leadership, entrepreneurship and the Entrepreneurial Operating System.

If you’d like help with rightsizing your leadership team, or to find out more about the EOS, do get in contact.

The Value of Offering a Guarantee

Many businesses are now making promises and commitments – in the form of “guarantees” – to underpin their brand reputation and product offering.

At Bold Clarity, we offer a guarantee that if you don’t get value from a session we facilitate with you and your leadership team, then you don’t pay us. This monetary value helps to make sure we deliver what we say we will and takes away the risk of our clients using us.

Many of our clients have seen the value and offer one too.

How to create a healthy team

Building a Healthy team

Building a healthy team – and a great team culture – are two of the most important factors in business success.

Having run businesses for the past 20 years – both before and after I became an Entrepreneurial Operating System Implementer – I know the value of ensuring you have the right people, in the right role, all working towards the same goal.

A key element of EOS is to create a healthy, cohesive leadership team, and the “People” element of the system focuses on making sure you employ people who share your vision and are going to help your business to thrive.

In this guide, we are offering our advice about to how to structure and develop a healthy team the EOS way, using the tools and techniques it provides.

Guest post: why offer a guarantee?

This month’s guest post is from our EOS graduates Welcome Gate. Matt Robson, their Head of Sales and Marketing, explains why they offer a guarantee.
What does Welcome Gate do?

Welcome Gate make genuine recommendations, and install and maintain cutting-edge electronic security solutions, to ensure maximum security. At Welcome Gate we offer consultancy, research, design, installation & ongoing support.

Protecting intellectual property, physical assets & your staff is very important in a cyber world. At Welcome Gate we take the time to understand your business needs and see how we can think beyond security, integrating systems with open API (Application programming interface), and reviewing associated risk to assist with threat awareness to mitigate that risk & maintain compliance in an ever changing world.

Why you should offer a guarantee to clients

Our seventh Bold Clarity Quick Tips video discusses the benefits to your business if you offer a guarantee for your services.

To offer a guarantee is part of the marketing strategy you create as you complete your Vision/Traction Organiser when you are implementing the Entrepreneurial Operating System.

Bold Clarity provides EOS implementation, and our guarantee is that if you don’t find value from the session, you don’t have to pay.

Julia Langkraehr, founder of Bold Clarity, explains how to offer a guarantee like this takes the risk away from your customers of doing business with you.

Read a case study: why our clients Welcome Gate offer a guarantee. 

Watch more Bold Clarity Quick Tips on the Bold Clarity Youtube Channel.

We release a new video every month, giving expert advice on leadership, entrepreneurship and the Entrepreneurial Operating System.

The Entrepreneurial Operating System is a way of organising your business to help it scale and grow. Julia is a Certified EOS Implementer who can help you embed it in your company. If you’d like to to find out more about EOS, then just get in contact.

Book review: Great by Choice, by Jim Collins

‘Great by Choice’, by Jim Collins and Morten Hansen, delivers a potent management message which really resonated with me.

Most people know how successful Norwegian Roald Amundsen was on his mission to be the first to reach the South Pole. His is a story of meticulous preparation and ice-cool composure in the most difficult circumstances.

We are also told of the failed expedition of British Captain Robert Scott, whose approach was one that had a more amateur feel to it, utilising make-do-and-mend improvisation.

How to get your whole team on board with EOS

ALPS group of companies is a leading provider of Motor Claims Solutions, Road Rescue Services and Legal Expenses Insurance products to Insurance Brokers, Networks & Intermediaries throughout the UK. 

Here the Managing Director, Ian Micklewright explains why they chose to run an EOS middle managers workshop for the whole management team, to explain the system to the wider team. 

How to create a culture in your business – Bold Clarity EOS Tips Six

The sixth video in our quick tips series examines how to create a culture in your business.

The founder of Bold Clarity and UK-based EOS Implementer, Julia Langkraehr, describes the five steps she has taken to grow the culture of her business, from hiring around her core values to regular meetings to continue to learn as a leader.


Watch more Bold Clarity Quick Tips on the Bold Clarity Youtube Channel.

We release a new video every month, giving expert advice on leadership, entrepreneurship and the Entrepreneurial Operating System, which provides an effective way to organise your business.

If you’d like to to find out more about how to create a culture in your business, or about EOS, then just get in contact. 

How to give employee feedback

You want your business to be the best. That means getting the best from every employee and ensuring they all work towards the same common goal of taking your company to the next level.

As a UK Certified EOS Implementer, I’m often asked the same question: how do I ensure my employees are motivated and efficient. I believe it is one of our most important jobs as leaders and managers.

People want feedback, they want to do a good job, to know it, and to be recognised and rewarded when they do.

How to use your ‘Issues List’

One thing business owners and leaders tend to misinterpret is the term ‘Issues List’ when they are using the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS).

In order to understand, we need to redefine our definition of “issues”.  For most people, the natural reaction in their brain is to think of bad things once the word issue is used. Instead, you need to visualise it as somewhere to park all of the topics you need to solve in your business – positive or negative.

Just Decide: Bold Clarity Quick Tips Video Five

Quick Business Tips from EOS Implementer, Julia Langkraehr, of Bold Clarity.

Statistics say we have to make 35,000 decisions a day, so the fifth in our video series focuses on the importance of being decisive in business, so the topic of this video is “Just Decide”.

Julia advises that if you make decisions – even the wrong ones – that helps your business move forward. Our free E-book Decide shows you how to make faster and better decisions.

Watch more Bold Clarity Quick Tips on the Bold Clarity Youtube Channel. We release a new video every month, giving expert advice on leadership, entrepreneurship and the Entrepreneurial Operating System.

Using a system such as the Entrepreneurial Operating System can help your business to thrive. To find out more about EOS, give us a call on +44 (0)7795 667480.

How EOS has helped me make better decisions

Keren Lerner is the owner of our clients Top Left Design, a design and marketing agency she founded in 2002.  Here she discusses how her decision-making processes have changed since her company started implementing EOS in 2015. 

In the past when I had a business worry, I would either mull it around for ages, procrastinate thinking about it, or (most often in my case) make a quick decision so I could just move on with my life!