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Bold Clarity Virtual Sessions

Virtual sessions
We have all had to pivot and adjust our businesses to our new working environments, so we want to share with you the virtual services we offer.

As well as implementing EOS with clients and forum facilitation for peer groups, Bold Clarity is also offering the following virtual sessions, all designed for entrepreneurially led, privately held business.

 1. Free 1-2-1 Clarity Conversations

For: founder/owner

Duration: 20-90 minutes

Benefit: helps to discuss and clarify where the business is, due to the current business environment & what their next steps could be

2. Free IDS Sessions

For: founders/owner and their leadership teams

Duration: two hours

Benefit: helps the team to identify issues and make decisions

3. Cash Flow Drivers

For: founder/owner and leadership team

Duration: Two hours

Benefit: brainstorm and generate ideas to maximise sales, minimise expenses and drive cashflow

4. Kolbe TeamSuccess® workshop

For: founder/owners and the leadership team, and/or a department (eg sales team).

Duration: three hours

Benefit: helps the team to understand their strengths and their team-mates strengths and differences, so they can work together better, using Kolbe concepts

5. Self-Implementer Session

For: founders and leadership teams who are implementing EOS

Duration: four hours

Benefit: tuning up and checking in, to review the tools & see where they are in the process

6. Back to Basics Checklist

For: Founders and leadership teams which are implementing EOS

Duration: 90 minutes-two hours

Benefit: if your business has hit a ceiling, working through a self-assessment tool with you to see how to break through using the Back to Basics Checklist

7. Entrepreneurial Scenario Planning

For: Founders and leadership team

Duration: Four hours

Benefit: for companies impacted by the current business environment, helping to navigate possible scenarios which could affect your strategic planning

8. 1-2-1 State of Mind Coaching

For: founders/owners

Duration: four-six 90-minute sessions over six months

Benefit: helping you discover your natural wisdom and clarify what you want

To find out more about any of these virtual sessions, contact Julia direct on her mobile 07795 667480, or email hello@boldclarity.com.