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EOS book Get a Grip

Book review of Get A Grip

In many ways, “Get a Grip” is a key follow-up to Gino Wickman’s previous book about the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS), “Traction.”

The book takes the same ideas and concepts from Traction and puts them into context through the fable of “Swan Services,” a fictional company which is putting EOS into practice.

Even though I thought Traction was a brilliant book, there’s something about seeing the concepts of EOS come to life through an example that really deepened my understanding of them.

What really made this book work for me was how relatable Swan Services is – a company that, from the outside, looks slick, polished and functional, but on the inside is disorganised, with sales falling, costs increasing and staff leaving. Who hasn’t known or worked at an organisation like that? You’ll be nodding your head recognition all the way through.

Although many business leaders will recognise these problems, few will know what to do about them. That’s what Get a Grip is really about.

Download the first chapter of Get a Grip now. 

The book goes over the six EOS components step-by-step: Vision, People, Data, Issues, Process & Traction. It demonstrates what their implementation looks like in practice: the issues that come up; the tools that are needed to make them work; and how they affect people and processes.

This is what I see as the key advantage of how Get a Grip is written: it focuses on execution. Not just what to do, but how to do it. This is key and something that can be overlooked in today’s popular business books.

I would recommend reading this book. You’ll have many “Aha!” moments where you might identify with the business partners, Eileen and Vic.

Get a Grip is part follow up to Traction, however it works well as a stand-alone book to understand how EOS works. People learn in different ways and if you learn better when ideas are grounded in examples, then Get a Grip is the book for you.

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