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The 4 Agreements Book Cover

Book Review: The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

Don Miguel Ruiz’s  “The Four Agreements” is a perfect place to start for anyone who wants a deeper understanding of how to transform and manage relationships and behaviour.

Who are the authors?

Don Miguel Ruiz is a shamanic teacher and healer, as well as the author of several brilliant and bestselling books, “The Mastery of Love”, “The Four Agreements Companion Book”, “The Voice of Knowledge”, “The Circle of Fire”, and “The Fifth Agreement”.

Ruiz co-wrote “The Four Agreements” with Janet Mills who is the founder and president of Amber-Allen Publishing and the creator of “The Four Agreements to a better life” course.

Janet herself has stated that it is her mission to publish books of enduring beauty, integrity and wisdom, wanting to inspire others to fulfil their dreams. 

Together, they have written some definitive and fascinating books which form the Toltec Wisdom series.

What is the book about?

In “The Four Agreements”, Ruiz and Mills tackle the source of self-limiting beliefs that can strip us of happiness and create needless problems.  The teaching in the book is based on ancient Toltec wisdom, passed down from Ruiz ancestors.

While this approach and perspective might seem quite far removed from a business life in the UK, the teaching is compelling and practical.

Ruiz narrates a simple yet very effective code of personal conduct that can help us transform our lives and liberate us into a new experience of freedom, creativity and happiness.

He shows us that by implementing this code of conduct, we can get to a place of productivity and success. This code of conduct can be expressed both in personal aspects of our lives and in business. In fact, using this advice and wisdom for all areas of day-to-day life makes the impact much more powerful. 

So, what are the four agreements and how can they help in a business setting? Simply put, they are:

– Be impeccable with your word.

– Don’t take anything personally.

– Don’t make assumptions.

– Always do your best.

Once you read the book, you can start practising the steps, and once the steps become familiar to us, we then have the opportunity to share the knowledge with the people that we interact with daily: co-workers, family, and friends. 

For a successful entrepreneur, this is a fantastic read. By exploring the ideas in this book, there is a wealth of new inspiration for motivation and creativity within business.

Did our review of The Four Agreements inspire you?  Have you read it already? If so, what did you think?