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Book review: Unique Ability by Dan Sullivan

Dan Sullivan wrote his book Unique Ability after interviewing disabled people for the Canadian Parliament and discovering that every single individual has their own abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. 

These characteristics make each and every person different, both as an employee and in society as a whole. 

For the disabled people he talked to, this meant being defined by their abilities rather than disabilities. 

In wider society he noted that a lot of people don’t know how to express or use their specific talents. 

Why is the book useful?

The book encourages people to focus on their personal strengths and unique abilities, which Sullivan describes as increasingly vital to make sure you can stand out in the world of business. 

Rapid technological developments have put many people on a more level playing field, by simplifying a variety of traditionally skill-based tasks. This means that anybody with the capacity to leverage their specific skills to their advantage will find it easier to thrive professionally. 

Once you have discovered your Unique Ability, the future becomes a series of open doors as opportunities open up thanks to any new-found skills, tailored to you, so you will greatly increase your general happiness too. 

The writing

Unique Ability describes powerful concepts, whilst being very easy to read and digest. Reading it, I was drawn into the ideas discussed and driven to focus on how to maximise personal potential and turn it into outcomes, whether in business or in my personal life. 

Finding your Unique Ability

Unique Abilities can be far easier to see in other people than yourself. These abilities can be used to great advantage by business leaders, and especially if those businesses are using EOS, or the Entrepreneurial Operating System.

A combined way forward

If business leaders who are running their businesses on the Entrepreneurial Operating System combine this with the ideas within Unique Ability, they will be able to use their employees to the best of their ability and improve their own management skills. 

To find out more about EOS you can schedule a 90-minute meeting for a complimentary introduction to the system.  Contact us today to make the most of your business potential.       


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