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Rocket Fuel

Book review: Rocket Fuel

Book Review: Rocket Fuel

‘Rocket Fuel: The One Essential Combination That Will Get You More of What You Want from Your Business’ focuses who should be at the top, leading your business.

In it, the authors describe the explosive combination that is the key to getting everything you want from your business.

That is to have both a “Visionary” and an “Integrator” at the top of your leadership team.

The Visionary has the groundbreaking ideas, is in charge of the important relationships, is the face of the business – and is usually the founder of the business or CEO.

The Visionary is typically however, not good at the day to day management that is needed to make the business thrive over a long period of time.

And that is where the Integrator comes in. He or she is the one that turns those ideas into a reality.

I’ve found this both through founding and building my own businesses and with the hundreds of entrepreneurs I’ve worked with.

Businesses need a person to oversee the day to day execution, who will remove obstacles and be responsible for making sure they operate efficiently.

It’s nearly impossible for the founder to go out and do the big stuff, and also run day to day operations.

As Rocket Fuel explains, when the Visionary and Integrator share their natural talents and innate skills, they have the power to reach new heights.

It is a relationship integral to the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS), a powerful way to run your business using a simple set of tools, which was founded by Gino Wickman, co-author of Rocket Fuel.

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Mark C. Winters, the other co-author describes how to make this critical relationship work.

The book reflects Gino and Mark’s experiences founding their businesses, with stories and anecdotes of the two types of leader, plus examples from well-known organisations such as Disney, Ford and MacDonalds.

The two personality types, Visionary and Integrator, embodied in these roles are totally different from each other, which is why they work so well together – both complementing each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

As clients implement the different stages of the EOS framework, it is the Visionary who leads the strategic direction, and the Integrator who makes it happen.

In Bold Clarity, while I’m working on building the business and helping clients implement EOS, our Integrator, Majida Burch, is responsible for ensuring that the day-to-day execution of the business is smooth and successful.

As Rocket Fuel explains, getting the relationship between your Visionary and Integrator right is key to getting what you want from your business.

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