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How to build positive team culture in your business

Building a good team culture in your business is essential. It can be the difference between success or failure, stagnation or growth.

When I founded my first business, Retail Profile, we started small.

Despite this, we consistently doubled the size of our business without growing the size of our team.

This was because we consciously set out to build an amazing team culture that made sure everyone fitted in, felt involved, felt valued and everyone shared the company vision.

Every quarter, we would take the entire team, from the maintenance guys up to the MD, out of the business for a one-day quarterly meeting.  Some companies call this a state of the company meeting, or town hall meeting.

At this meeting, we would examine our numbers, review our budget vs actual numbers and discuss any variances that were off. This gave us a have a clear picture of where we are so we could discuss the plan for the next 90 days and the growth of the business.

We would then use the rest of the day to eat together and do team building.

We did everything from rounders to boating in the Serpentine to barbequing to profiling each person in the company – and once we even went camping.

Sharing these activities meant that we bonded, knew and understood each other, and as a result were able to work together better as a team.

After this quarterly meeting, everyone would understand the company’s financial position, knew where we were headed and how we were going to get there. 

EOS people tools

Without realizing it, I was practising one of the key tools of the Entrepreneurial Operating System. Some years later, I became an EOS implementer, helping teams to scale and grow.

Now I run my current business Bold Clarity on EOS. We make sure that the vision and values of the business are understood and shared by the entire team.

In addition to our quarterly meeting, which we still hold, we also have weekly meetings to make sure all our numbers are on track, everybody is on the same page and to prioritise the most important issues to discuss and solve.

EOS can be an excellent way to build a positive team culture in your business. If you would like to know how EOS could be implemented in your business, contact us today or call +44 (0)7795 667480. We can arrange a complimentary 90-minute meeting to explain it to your leadership team.