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Does your business have an operating system?

EOS business systems

Imagine a business where any issue which crops up is solved by your team working together.

Imagine a business where every member of the team is clear about their role and responsibilities.

Imagine a business where you know precisely what everyone is doing and what they are achieving because there is a system in place that shows you.

Imagine a business where every person on the team is working towards your shared vision.

This is a business which is efficient and effective, eliminating challenges, obstacles and set backs. It does not become diverted, hit a ceiling, or lose productivity, turnover and profit.

It is a business which is able to grow and thrive.

Three of the most popular ways  businesses grow are: organic growth, growth through acquisition, and growth by expanding to a new market.

Typically businesses are started by a bright individual who has an idea which solves a problem that a market or individual is willing to pay to resolve.

Often, as it grows, despite having goals and targets, businesses zigzag, moving backwards and forwards. It takes them longer to reach their goals, creating more stress, more difficulties and more anxiety – and taking the fun out of it.

Operating systems

The secret to preventing this, making sure the business is profitable and grows quickly, is to put in place a operating system which is customised to the business, and adapts and expands as the business grows.

In my experience, businesses without an operating structure and clear processes grow slower than companies that do.

Working with businesses around the world, I’ve seen a lot of different operating systems, and the one I believe works best is the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS).

It takes a holistic approach, covering every part of the business.

One thing people forget is that as a business grow externally, they need to grow the team internally, and EOS enables you to expand and grow your leadership team as the size and structure of the business develops.

Five fundamental tools

EOS has five fundamental tools:

As a Professional Implementer, I help leadership teams learn these tools, implement and embed them into their company and culture from top to bottom.

So goes the leadership team, so goes the company.

With all the tools in place, your business will be open, honest and transparent.

Performance indicators

The leadership won’t need to ask what their people are doing, because they will know and have a Scorecard to measure performance every week.

Your employees don’t need to ask what they should be doing, because their responsibilities are all clearly set out, written down and communicated.

They don’t need to ask how to do it because the process is documented and easy to follow.

They know they are doing the right thing for the business, and how to behave according to the core values and its long-term vision.

Everyone in the business knows what they need to do, what they need to produce, how they will be rewarded. The whole process is easy, clear and concise.

Implementing the Five Fundamental Tools simplifies the way your run your business.

The degree to which business owners can solve their own problems is directly proportionate to how successful they will be.

EOS helps do that. It helps you to solve problems, issues and obstacles, moving you towards your vision more quickly.

It clarifies and simplifies the whole process. Everything is crystal clear.

If you would like to find out more about EOS and how it can help your business grow, contact us to arrange a complimentary 90 minute introduction.

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