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New Entrepreneurs Organisation recruitment video

At a recent Entrepreneurs Organisation event in Aspen, I was asked to contribute my thoughts about the benefits that membership of EO has brought me, for a new recruitment video.

“It gave me a peer group to aspire to be like, it made me wiser and made me transform the way I ran my business.

“Getting a small group of 8-10 people in a room, where you can really share, take off your mask and be vulnerable with each other is really valuable.

“The best forum make up is to have the most diversity, in gender, in race, in religion, in culture. Without that diversity, you don’t get that perspective. It helps people see perspectives they’d never have without those people in the room.

“I would never have the size of business, the scale and also the personal wealth without being an Entrepreneurs Organisation member.

“One of my sayings is to do something that scares me every day and so if you feel a little hesitant, that’s exactly what you should do because it will stretch you and you will grow and it will probably be incredibly rewarding.”

Watch the Entrepreneurs Organisation video here:


Women’s Recruitment Video – Europe from EO Network on Vimeo.