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EO Certified Forum Trainer & Strategy Summit Facilitator


The Entrepreneur Organisation (EO) is a global non-profit organisation for entrepreneurs whose businesses turn over $1 million. It has over 10,000 members and 144 chapters in 46 countries.

I have been a member since 2003 and have gained benefited in both my professional and personal life from my membership. To find out more about membership, visit the EO website.

I am an EO Certified Forum Trainer qualified to lead Forum, Moderator and Advance Forum Series (AFS) Trainings and I design and deliver bespoke Forum Retreats.

Forum Training is a full day programme that enhances the value you receive from your EO membership and your Forum experience. It provides you with skills and knowledge to ensure you benefit both in your business and personal life from your Forum experience.

The Moderator Training Programme teaches Forum Moderators how to lead their Forum in terms of vision, mission and goal-setting and how to manage their Forum processes and members. They receive step-by-step instruction on critical Forum meeting functions, and have the opportunity to practice Forum facilitation skills and processes.

In an Advanced Forum Series Training, a certified facilitator works with an entire forum to help the members raise their game and build forum health a four-hour session. There are five different forum programmes available.

There are four basic principles for a Forum Retreat: travel together, stay together; work or learn together and play together. In my experience, when my Forum hires a Certified Trainer to facilitate exercise and learnings, it enhances the experience and increases the take-home value.

Spending time together on retreat increases your knowledge of each other and gives context and understanding of members, their history and background. Then, when you are in your forum meeting, you have greater understanding of the nuances and details of the experience your forum members share. It helps to build deep, meaningful bonds that support you and the forum on their journey of learning and self-discovery.

On an ideal retreat, you will:

  • increase the bond between forum members
  • integrate new members into the forum
  • spend time bonding and learning
  • have fun doing an extra-curricular activity to team build
  • create a family feel through eating and drinking together (a forum that eats together stays together)

I have been designing and facilitating bespoke retreats since 2008. I offer the following options:

8 hours – full day (no overnight)

12 hours – working dinner and full day (includes overnight)

16 hours – two full days (includes overnight)

Longer retreats available by request

Strategy Summits are strategic planning sessions designed to create alignment, generate momentum, establish accountability and develop a strategic framework for a financial year. EO Chapter Boards use one-two day Strategy Summits to bond a group of volunteer leaders together as a cohesive functioning board.

EO facilitation, speaking and education

  • I have spoken and/or facilitated Membership, Forum and Communication Tracks at seven Global Leadership Conferences (GLC) across the globe
  • Leadership Academy, Graduating Class of 2009
  • Entrepreneurial Master Programme, (EMP) at MIT in Boston, Graduating Class of 2015
  • Volunteer leadership positions since 2003 including Membership, Strategic Alliance, President, Area Director, Membership Director, Regional Director and Global Committee member