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Ian Micklewright - EOS middle managers workshop guest post

How to get your whole team on board with EOS

ALPS group of companies is a leading provider of Motor Claims Solutions, Road Rescue Services and Legal Expenses Insurance products to Insurance Brokers, Networks & Intermediaries throughout the UK. 

Here the Managing Director, Ian Micklewright explains why they chose to run an EOS middle managers workshop for the whole management team, to explain the system to the wider team. 

We began implementing EOS 2 years ago, and whilst coming a long way, the implementation is still on going.

The reasons for starting EOS were to include the whole team on the vision, and to give a consistent operating method across the whole company. In short to join everything up.

Whilst with any change, people came along at different speeds. But now the processes and (more importantly) the EOS language used is rife across the whole group.

EOS has helped the business to become more organised, and to become more focused on its goals. The processes are cleaner and early warning signs are more easily detectable.

The culture has also shifted. People are more accountable for their scorecard, and people are more willing to hold each other to account.

If you say you are going to do a ‘to do’ or complete a rock, then it needs to be done. It’s what is expected from your peers. It’s also made sure all team members a voice, particular within the IDS sections.

The leadership team spend 5 days a year with Julia, and her passion for the subject (and ALPS) is infectious.

The EOS middle managers workshop

It soon dawned that whilst the leadership team had spent time with Julia, feeding off her passion, the management team had not. They had been expected to pick this up second hand.

Whilst that had worked to a point, ALPS could do more.

We decided to get Julia to come in and complete an EOS overview session with the whole management team. The team were excited and once Julia had spent time going through the tools they soon grasped the benefits.

Holding the EOS middle managers workshop meant she could explain it in a way that we never could. The managers became more focused on the tools and why they are important.

For the business it’s already made a positive impact on our scorecard and measurables, and there is more to come.

If your thinking of starting EOS, you should. And if you are already implementing EOS then you should definitely consider how Julia can help influencing the whole team, not just the leadership one.

Bold Clarity provides a range of services and workshops for teams implementing EOS. These include training to help roll out EOS beyond the leadership team, such as this EOS middle managers workshop, plus Kolbe sessions. Email us on hello@boldclarity.com to find out more.