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Hiring the right team for your business is essential if you want to achieve your vision. EOS uses tools including the People Analyser and Get it, Want It, have the Capacity to do it, to help companies hiring the right people for the right seats.

EOS – People Analyser

Business owners and leaders adopt the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) when they want to overcome business challenges and successfully grow their company.

By following the EOS framework, you will be able to manage and plan for every obstacle in the way of your business success.

One of the key facets of EOS is hiring the right people and the positive impact this can have on your company’s ability to achieve its goals.

In order to achieve your vision, you have to recruit great people. Hiring the right team that embodies your values is essential.

To ensure this, you can use the EOS People Analyser, which will help you make the right hiring decisions each time.

Every company’s core values are unique. The People Analyser allows you to cut through the complex layers of interviewing someone and find out if they embody your company values and characteristics.

When you interview candidates around their core values and delve into their drivers, passions and goals, you can determine whether they are aligned with your business.

Hiring the right team

When using the People Analyser, you write your company core values at the top, and your team members names down the left side, and you evaluate whether or not they meet or match the value.

We use + if they do it most of the time, +/- if they do it some of the time and if they don’t do it most of the time.  

As an example, when a company has five core values, the recommended bar is three +s and two +/-s, never a minus.

Candidates who are at or above the bar match the company values and you want to get 100% of the right people in your organisation.

As Jim Collins said: “A great vision without great people is irrelevant,” – you need to be sure you’re recruiting the best people into your company.

Get It, Want It, the Capacity to do It

The next stage of the People Analyser is to use your completed Accountability Chart and to clarify who is responsible for what role.

Then it is time to put the people who match your core values into the right seat. We use “GWC” as a filter. G = Get it, W = Want it and C = the Capacity to do the job.

It is a yes or no answer to these questions.

Get it – means they truly understand their role, the culture, systems and process, and how the job comes together.

Want it – means they are motivated to take the responsibility and do the job, based on fair compensation

Capacity – means they have the time and the mental, physical and emotional capacity to do the job well.

For this section of the People Analyser, you must have three Yes’s.

The People Analyser is just one tool in the EOS framework to help you establish the critical success factors you need to grow your business in the direction you envision.

The Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) is used by over 28,000 businesses worldwide, helping company leaders and management teams to scale and grow their business.

It can transform a company from top to bottom, and ensures every person within business is working toward the same shared set of objectives.

If you want support hiring the right team, and applying EOS to your business, contact us today on +44 (0)7795 667480 for a complimentary 90 minute meeting to introduce it to you and your leadership team, book today here.