How the EOS process works

Most people are surprised to learn that the EOS tools are all free and open source. The system is described in Gino Wickman’s book Traction.

There are three different ways to introduce EOS into your business.

  • Some people choose to self-implement EOS, using Traction as a guide and the free downloaded tools.
  • Secondly, you can choose supported self-implementation, where for a small fee you can join Basecamp, which includes videos, explanations and access to the tools.
  • And then thirdly, my clients have chosen to engage a Certified EOS Implementer™, to lead them through the EOS process.

What is the EOS Process?

When a leadership team member or founder calls, I explain that I offer a complimentary 90 minute meeting to introduce them to the EOS tools.

In the 90 minute meeting, I show teams what it looks like after a company has implemented EOS.

If they decide they’d like to use me as an Implementer, we then book in our first session.

In the first 60 days of the process, we have three sessions where we embed all the tools – a Focus Day and Vision Building One and Vision Building Two.

Then we go into execution mode, where we hold Quarterly Sessions in line with the company’s calendar, until the year end, when we hold a Two-Day Annual.

The Quarterly is where we reset the company, get them on the same page, and solve the major issues.

At the Two-Day Annual Planning session we increase team health, create a clear company vision, a clear plan for next quarter, and resolve all the key issues.

In the second year, we do three Quarterly Sessions and a Two-Day Annual meeting.

Typically after two years, someone internally takes on the role of facilitating the sessions, we graduate the company, and they receive an ILM certificate.

However, some clients choose to have me continue to facilitate the Quarterly or Annual sessions as they feel they accomplish more with an outside facilitator.

In the EOS Process, we take one session at a time, with no long-term contract and each session is guaranteed.

For more information about how the EOS process works, please get in touch.

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