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How the EOS toolbox can help your business

Running your own business can be fun, stressful and rewarding, and for some is the culmination of a lifelong dream.

Like a lot of businesses, you can benefit from the EOS system. It strengthens your business by implementing tools to help it grow, and to focus the team.

The EOS toolbox

In the main model of EOS, there are 12 tools in all, two for each of the six key components in your business.

When working with a professional implementer we bring an additional series of tools, which we roll out as and when a business needs them.

The 12 tools include:

  1. Vision component. V/TO enables you to organise the vision and create an action plan to put the vision in place, shared by all
  2. People component. This has two tools. The people analyser matches with core values and GWC (get it, want it, have the capacity to do it). The accountability chart helps to define the structure, roles and responsibilities for the future of the business.
  3. Data component. It includes a scorecard with weekly measurables, and the goal or aim is to have every person in the organisation own a measurable or number which they are responsible for delivering
  4. Issues component. You list all the opportunities and challenges that need to be executed or solved in the business on an issues list. We use IDS (identify, discuss and solve) to make sure teams are solving and executing the issues and not just discussing them.
  5. Process component. First you document 6-10 core processes. Then you train, explain and evolve those processes so they are followed by everyone in the organisation, for consistency, continuity and scalability
  6. Traction component. Accountability, discipline and solid execution. The tools are Rocks, which are the company and individual priorities for 90 days, and the Meeting Pulse, which includes the Level 10 weekly meeting.

By utilising these tools, you can ensure your business runs smoothly and you will be able to execute your plan in order to scale and grow.

Additional tools

Alongside the 12 tools found in the model, there are other tools. These include:

  • Teaching your leaders and managers to elevate and delegate.
  • Trustbuilders to build trust in the organisation.
  • Teaching your leaders how to take clarity breaks.
  • Ahost of tools on how to become better leaders and managers.

EOS is recommended by business owners, CEOs and friends who found that the system is easy to follow and extremely effective in helping their businesses to progress.

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