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EOS European Community

European Professional EOS Implementer Community Launch

Since I became the first EOS Implementer in the UK back in 2014, more and more entrepreneurs and leaders are using the system to run their businesses, and the number of certified and professional implementers in the country has risen to six.

With five more covering Europe, we are delighted that the formal launch of a European Professional EOS Implementer Community is taking place on April 2 at the Dorchester in London.

This community will continue building upon the strong foundation among the European implementer community which has already been growing in Europe. It will provide the support of EOS Worldwide, and bootcamps and QCEs (Quarterly Collaboration Events) will be held in London in the future.

EOS European Launch event

The EOS European Launch event – Get a Grip on your business – is aimed at anyone who owns, runs or leads an entrepreneurial business and at successful people with a passion for helping entrepreneurs and their leadership teams.

Two top Implementers in EOS will be speaking, Mike Paton, EOS Worldwide Visionary & CJ DuBe, EOS Worldwide Community Leader, and there will be deep dive Q and A breakout sessions on implementing EOS in your own business and becoming an implementer.

My fellow implementer, Dean Breyley of Grow and Die, has become the European Community Leader, and I’ll be working closely with him.

He said: “This new role highlights the growing demand for and positive adoption of EOS for companies world-wide.  The development of the European EOS Community is a very exciting journey to be a part of and I feel humbled to have been given the position of leading that growth.”

EOS provides a framework for owners and leadership teams to run their business on. Contact us to find out more about the launch of the European Professional EOS Implementer Community, and how the system can help your business run well.