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Richard Metcalfe - Arkk Solutions

Guest post: Setting our first company Rocks

Thank you to Richard Metcalfe, CEO of Arkk Solutions, who for this month’s guest post, talks about their experience setting their first company Rocks after starting to implement EOS in May.

  1. Tell me about Arkk Solutions

Arkk Solutions provides a digital platform which takes the risk out of regulatory, tax and financial reporting for global businesses. It’s for:sight platform automates the processes behind regulatory reporting enabling organisations to improve financial confidence and ensure there are no surprises or reputational issues as a result of inaccurate submissions.

  1. Why did you decide to implement EOS?

The company has grown from 40 to 100 employees in a year, and I recognised that the company needed a structure to prepare us for fast growth. I wanted to identify that I had the right leadership, doing the right things, and also to know that we had consistency in how we ran meetings.

Video: Setting smart priorities
  1. Is this the first time you have set Rocks, or priorities, for the company?

We have tried to do this before, but they always drifted because we didn’t have any accountability. Implementing them has never become a priority, so they just never got done.

  1. You’re a month into implementing EOS, how has setting Rocks gone so far?

Setting Rocks has given us clarity in what we should be done.

Our philosophy has become: “if it’s not on the Rock sheet, we shouldn’t work on it.”

The process has helped us establish both our priorities, and the products and activities we shouldn’t work on.

We had two products (A and B). My focus was on product A, but some others were putting as much energy into product B. At our Vision Building Days we discussed which of these should be the priority, and decided on A.

Setting the rocks during the VB meetings did bring the issue to a head, and we had a healthy, lively – and challenging – discussion before we made the final decision.

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  1. What kind of Rocks have you set for the company – and yourself?

We have four company Rocks, the most important one being to finish the accountability chart, and make sure we have the right people, doing the right role in the business.

Others include creating a product value proposition for the sales team and building an dashboard to automate the production of our scorecard.

Personally, I’ve also got 90 days to formalise an investor database, work on a tone of voice campaign with an external branding company, and, very importantly, make sure our summer party gets a score of at least nine out of 10.

6. Do you think the Rocks will feel work?

We are all feeling very positive. Having good governance and the oversight of reviewing them every week at the L10 meeting means that we will not lose momentum.

The challenge will be when we roll Rocks out to the rest of the company – but we already have some ideas about how to manage that process.

If you would like to learn how to set your company Rocks, get in touch by calling +44 (0)7795 667480 or click here for a complimentary 90-minute meeting, introducing EOS to your leadership team and you.