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HR Tools: Do you have the right people?

HR Tools - right people, right seats

You have a great business, great market share and good cash flow.

But if you don’t have the right people, in the right seats, you won’t be successful.

You can’t have a good business without good people, whether they are your employees or outsourced.

And if your vision for your business is not shared by your team, it will take longer to achieve that vision – and you risk it not happening.

To avoid this, you need a system and process that everyone follows.

Your process should include:

  1. A screening procedure to match candidates values to the company’s core values
  2. Screening candidates to ensure their skills and experience match the role
  3. An accountability chart clarifying each person’s role and responsibilities
  4. Setting goals for each team member with measurables and completion date
  5. A scorecard which tracks what they have achieved on a weekly basis
  6. Regular meetings to review, reward and recognise the team
  7. An annual review to assess achievements, productivity and set next year’s goals

Putting in place these HR tools and a system will help ensure you don’t waste money, time, energy and resources on hiring the wrong people.

EOS – The Entrepreneurial Operating System – puts in place processes which will ensure that everyone in your company understands your vision, wants to make it happen – and has the ability to do so.

Contact us to arrange a complementary 90 minute introduction. You will take away tools to help you find the right people.