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Kolbe case study: how it helps teams work together

Complete Care Solution Kolbe case study
The Kolbe A Index is a brilliant way to identify people’s natural talents and help individuals and organisations utilise those talents productively. As a Kolbe Certified™ Consultant,  Susan Hunt facilitates everything from one-to-one consultations to full day off site TeamSuccess® Seminars.

She recently ran a full day session for Complete Care Solution, which was founded in 2010 to provide specialist support in domiciliary and respite care for people with learning disabilities and the elderly.

In this Kolbe case study, team members Nana Badu (Business Development Manager), Kwame Badu (Strategic and Performance Manager), Julian Danso (Operations Manager), and Margaret Osei (Registered Manager) spoke to Susan about their experiences.

SH: Tell me some of the challenges you were facing as a team?

NB: Honestly, there was some division among senior management, poor structure and communication which led to managers feeling undermined. We also were not utilising people’s skills fully.

KB: We had issues with team cohesion and were working hard but not smart.

MO: Yes, communication was an issue.

JD: Communication! Some confusion with other people encroaching on other people’s roles

SH: Had you ever considered using or used a psychographic with your team before?

All: No!

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SH: Why Kolbe?

NB: I had done a similar looking assessment previously myself but was looking for a team exercise as I felt we needed to learn more about each other as a team.

SH: Did anyone on the team have reservations?

NB: Generally, we were open, but there were a few major reservations! Some team members just couldn’t see the benefits and were highly sceptical.

KB: I was open to it!

SH: What were you expecting from the day?

NB: We wanted a platform to be open and honest and a foundation to improve as a team.

KB: I didn’t have much in the way of expectations – I didn’t think there was much hope for the team!

MO: It was all very new to me, so I didn’t really have expectations.

JD:  Was hoping to understand each other better and be more cohesive.

SH: Were your expectations met?

NB: The workshop exceeded our expectations! It really helped me to see how to work more efficiently as a team.

JD: The session was very useful and proved helpful in encouraging us to work better together.

SH: How was Kolbe different?

NB: Kolbe is so positive! The focus was on strengths not weaknesses. We looked at each team member in terms of strengths and what they brought to the table to help achieve synergy.

KB: It’s so simple – a great platform to move forward.

Infographic: How Kolbe promotes better teamwork

SH: How did you feel when your Kolbe score was explained to you? Did you feel it was an accurate assessment of you and your team’s methods of work? Were there any ‘Aha’ moments?

JD: It really reflected me. There were moments throughout the session that really clicked.

NB: It made so much sense! I really understood why I like to work the way I do. It clarified why we had certain recurring issues. I had a challenging relationship with one member of staff which I thought was about personality but actually was about the way we each work.

KB: It was very accurate. It was like talking to a friend who totally gets you. 

SH: Has the team dynamic, way you work and communicate changed since the workshop?

MO: Yes – especially our team meetings have improved! There is much more willingness to have productive meetings. The team now see the importance of and work towards good communication.

NB: Definitely! Previously senior management operated a bit of a dictatorship! But now with better communication, our team meetings are much more productive. We’ve moved away from a blame culture. We get some much more work done as we are now matching people’s talents to tasks. The staff are much more willing to accept tasks as they know that we have taken their strengths into consideration.

KB: We have better communication as a team. It’s given us a framework and language to come back to. Where we find ourselves going off track – especially in meetings, we are able to get back on track. It’s also helped with expectations of each other and how to approach different members of staff.

SH: Would you recommend a Kolbe day?

All: Definitely!

KB: It was really great!

JD: It really helped us focus on strengths and find ways to work better.

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Our Kolbe services thelp you and your team discover and work to your strengths, and best leverage your natural talents. If you would like a more productive, effective team, contact us to find out how the Kolbe A Index can help.