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How Kolbe Takes Two can help your relationship

Kolbe Takes Two

In this post, our Kolbe consultant Susan Hunt explains how it can be used for personal, as well as professional relationships.

Working with our Kolbe clients, we generally focus on promoting team success and getting the best out a company’s people. However, the Index can also help your personal relationships.

With Kolbe Takes Two, you don’t get a list of faults to fix or a grade for how well you get on. You get a powerful insight into your relationship with a customised guide on how to manage everything from household chores to communication to finance and holidays.

As with all Kolbe programmes, it is based on instinctive human behaviour and the strengths which drive each person to take action. It can enhance even the strongest, healthiest relationships.

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When my husband and I did it we discovered that we have a similar communication style, which means our conversations can often go off on a tangent. The report has helped us understand the need for one or both of us to point out when we are veering off track.

It also helped me understand why Rob is so fanatically tidy and needs everything to be cleared up and put in its place.

Takes Two asks a series of scientific questions which identify each person’s MO (modus operandi). Using your answers, it measures the interplay of the strengths between you and creates a customized report, with helpful advice on how your and your partner’s strengths work together.

It’s important to say, Kolbe believes the success of almost every relationship comes down to a foundation of mutual understanding and respect. And there are no wrong answers and no incompatible couples.

The beauty of Takes Two is that it tells you what’s right your relationship, only what’s right – and how to make a thing go right. It is works equally well for relationships which are in trouble and strong healthy relationships and provides a positive way to appreciate each other and actually have a better time together.

If you’d like to find out more about Kolbe – or Kolbe Takes Two – contact us 07795 667480.