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Welcome_gate - offering a guarantee

Guest post: why offer a guarantee?

This month’s guest post is from our EOS graduates Welcome Gate. Matt Robson, their Head of Sales and Marketing, explains why they offer a guarantee.
What does Welcome Gate do?

Welcome Gate make genuine recommendations, and install and maintain cutting-edge electronic security solutions, to ensure maximum security. At Welcome Gate we offer consultancy, research, design, installation & ongoing support.

Protecting intellectual property, physical assets & your staff is very important in a cyber world. At Welcome Gate we take the time to understand your business needs and see how we can think beyond security, integrating systems with open API (Application programming interface), and reviewing associated risk to assist with threat awareness to mitigate that risk & maintain compliance in an ever changing world.

What guarantee does Welcome Gate offer?

At Welcome Gate we believe our approach to security is genuinely & uniquely tailored to you. One of our core values is that we do it right …..right to the end, so if you are not happy after one month of having a Welcome Gate system installed we will remove it for free & donate £250 to a charity that supports UN Global Goal 16: Peace and Justice, strong institutions.

Why did you decide to introduce a guarantee?

As part of the EOS journey the Welcome Gate leadership team developed the Vision / Traction Organiser. Part of that process in our Marketing Strategy was to develop the Welcome Gate Guarantee. The VTO is probably the most important document in a business running EOS. It provides clarity & direction for the future of your company.

I don’t think we would have developed a guarantee without following the EOS process. Its part of our Sales process now when we speak with clients.

What value does it give to your customers?

Confidence, trust and peace of mind that we will see things through to the end.

Have any customers ever taken you up on it, and asked for their security system to be removed?

To this date I am pleased to say we have never been asked to activate the guarantee and remove a system. Our aim is that we never will.

And finally, Welcome Gate has graduated after implementing EOS, what benefits has EOS brought to the company as a whole?

Other than the VTO as mentioned previously for me it’s the Level 10 meetings.  Before the Level 10 are meetings at a leadership level and within individual departments we rated a meetings a 5 at best, they were very structureless and disjointed, often having no clear milestones and never sticking to schedule. The level 10 makes meetings more productive & affective (as long as everyone gets there to doo’s and rocks completed) It helps the team keep focus on the real problems in the business & stay on track with the company vision.

If you’d like to find out more about EOS, then do contact us so we can explain how it works.
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