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Six benefits of running your business on EOS

EOS can make rapid, tangible differences to the way your business operates – from better communication and greater transparency to stronger structures and improved accountability.

Here some of our clients describe their top six benefits of running your business on EOS.

“Following each meeting we had a list of actions and assistance to ensure our tasks were completed before the next session. The best thing was that the team can see the results immediately. They see things changing, whereas in the past we would promise but never execute.”     Jason Choy, Welcome Gate MD

“We’ve found that we can embed effective business tools into our day to day habits – it turns out we all like to track, measure and create useful magic spreadsheets more than we thought!” Keren Lerner, Top Left Design CEO

“We have changed the shape of the leadership team – and acknowledged the different roles of the visionary and the integrator. We realised that we have allowed organic growth over time to dictate the shape of our leadership team and there was no accountability structure. EOS has given people the authority to act and be who they should be. The big lesson has been the importance of holding out for the simple answer when it’s not the easy one.” Julian Tomlinson, Auto Legal Protection Services Chairman

“EOS has an absolute rich array of tools that you’re introduced to, that address all the issues you have in your business.” Howard Bootle, Lantec Group CEO

“It has provided a clear direction and improve communication in the organisation.” Matt Ainscough, Ainscough Industrial Services Group CEO

“It’s about surrounding yourself with the right people, and we now have the right people in the business because of the EOS process. It’s about having the right team, the right structure, and our team have taken to it brilliantly, and it runs through the entire organisation. Grant Powell, Central Working CEO

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