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3 Principles UK Conference

Understanding Three Principles

Three Principles is an understanding of how the mind works, and a belief that our experience as human beings is created by our thoughts. The Three Principles are Mind, Consciousness and Thought.

The understanding of this is used in coaching and many different settings, in business, with mental health practitioners, in schools, and even in prisons for dealing with addiction. It can help with communication, decision making and problem solving, and help people to live a less stressful life.

Julia Langkraehr is a practitioner of Three Principles. Here she explains why.

Can you explain the idea behind Three Principles?

It is in my nature to continually learn new skills and become better at things that will help me in my business and life. However, if you have the right skills but not the right mindset, you may not perform well, so it is important to develop that too. Three Principles is about helping with my mindset by understanding my psychological make-up.

It provides an understanding of our thoughts and feelings, and how they interact. There are two things that I’ve learned:

The first is that our feelings come from our thoughts, rather than external influence and experiences, so if we can understand our thinking, we will have a different experience.

Secondly, when we are able to recognise we are having negative thoughts, we can come back to a grounding, and use a neutral mind, fresh thought or wisdom, which is our common sense. That can help with making decisions and calmly deal with whatever life throws at you.

You have become a Three Principles practitioner, what does that mean you do?

In becoming a practitioner, I have talked and learned from the people who teach it and gained a deeper and better understanding.

That allows me to not only apply the principles in my personal life but also my business life, so I can point others in the right direction when I am talking and interacting with people and teams. People use many different metaphors to explain Three Principles. What I have learned is it is an understanding of where our experience comes from, and when you’re talking to somebody, their experience or reality could be completely different.

We call this separate realities. If you are able to quiet your mind (which as innately healthy human beings we are all able to do), you can enjoy a deeper, richer more meaningful experience in your day to day life.

Do you use it in your business life?

I use it with my personal relationship, my family and business life. When I am with my boyfriend, if he gets really annoyed and is directing that annoyance at me, I know it’s just his personal thinking about the situation. I don’t take his annoyance personally which means our relationship can come from a very calm place, making it richer. It helps me to be more consistently happy and neutral which helps our relationship and which I think he appreciates.

With my family, I have shared the principles with my mother who has told me she has benefited from a calmer mind. I am yet to share with my sisters but have found I am enjoying a better relationship with them because my approach has changed. If they say or do things, I don’t take it personally because I know it is their thinking and their reality.

In business, I try to listen deeply and understand their perspective because their thinking makes perfect sense to them. If I can stop and try to understand where they are coming from, I can build a better relationship and get better results within my business and with the clients I work with.

Do you use it when you are coaching clients, and in EOS sessions?

I use it in both my EOS sessions, and in one-to-one coaching. but don’t explicitly explain them or point to them.

A calmer neutral mind helps me avoid getting defensive, or offended, as I might have in the past. Now I understand, it is just how someone else’s point of view. If I can understand that, it is easier for me to understand where the other person is coming from, so I can get us aligned and we can move forward together quicker.
In coaching, if I come from a clear grounded place, I listen better and can point people to their own wisdom, helping them solve problems themselves – rather than telling them what to do.

You attended the 3P UK conference, what did you get out of being here?

It is great to listen to people (practitioners, authors and others who have had an enlightenment experience) who are in this space all the time, and see the principles so clearly that they can eloquently talk about them.
Sometimes our worlds and lives get very complex and very busy – so listening intently for three days helped me see things more clearly and simplify my life.

What do you offer to clients in relation to Three Principles?

I have started to give talks on mental well-being (which I love). Last week, I spoke to 50 personal and executive assistants from the PA Association, on their state of mind, mental well-being, and our innate health.

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Our thoughts have a real impact on our health. If I can help a group understand just a little bit more about how our feelings inform us of thoughts and how our thoughts create our experience, they can hopefully become more productive and happier in their business life and maybe their personal life too!

If you are interested in a talk or one-on-one coaching on Three Principles, please contact us for more information.