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What the heck is EOS book

Book review: What the heck is EOS?

What the heck is EOS? is the latest book about the Entrepreneurial Operating System, written by founder Gino Wickman and Certified EOS Implementer Tom Bouwer.

It’s a really clear explanation of the process and is the perfect book to help you get to grips with what might at the start seem like a tricky system to understand.

The authors have joined forces to create a book that will become many readers’ best friend. It breaks down EOS in a way that offers an enjoyable and straightforward read from beginning to end, and can provide a quick refresher when needed.

Previous books about EOS have been aimed at the leadership teams who drive the implementation of the system. This one is the first to be directed primarily at employees.

It starts with the basics, answering some of the most common EOS questions, such as “What is EOS and why is my company using it?”. As the book progresses, it explores questions such as “What’s in it for me?”. This is particularly effective in engaging employees and helping them see your company’s vision.

Download the first chapter here

‘What the heck is EOS?’ is a brilliant book that will provide your employees with vital information and knowledge, and engage them in the EOS process and tools.

The language is concise and easy to read. After reading it, employees will have both a good understanding of EOS, be more inspired and understand what the system can do for the business and why it makes sense to use it.  

If your business has become increasingly more complex as it has grown, then this is the book for you.

It gives everyone involved in the business a shortcut to understanding the benefits of EOS for the whole organisation.

Even though I know EOS well, it still left me feeling inspired.

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