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Working from home

Working from home: four lessons

At Bold Clarity, we have always worked remotely, so we have documented and refined the processes and use the technology and systems to make this work.

At this time, when more and more businesses are having to adopt “WFH” (working from home) here are four lessons we’ve learned over the last six years.

  1. Utilise technology

There is so much technology available now to help you stay in contact and share work. Microsoft Teams, Slack, Zoom, Go to Meeting, Dropbox, iCloud, WhatsApp, Trello and, for companies running on EOS, Traction Tools and Ninety all enable companies to stay connected, have access to files and folders from wherever they are and keep on top of what is going on. We use a combination of iCloud to share our folders, WhatsApp for rapid communication, Traction Tools to capture ideas and issues and track our progress, Zoom for our meetings and Trello to communicate with our digital marketing team.

  1. Communication is key

We have weekly one-to-one calls and a weekly team meeting, using Zoom and Traction Tools, where we are able to discuss and resolve any issues. In our current circumstances, when everything is so uncertain and employees are bound to be feeling nervous about the future, your communication needs to be more frequent moving from weekly to daily. A lot of our clients and other organisations are using daily huddles and daily updates on company performance in order to keep everyone connected.

  1. Tools and training

Make sure your team have the equipment and training they need to work effectively. Does their laptop have a functional camera and headphones for online webinars and video calls?  Now is a great time for your teams to train and increase their skills using online learning platforms. Major universities are opening up their courses for free, and a whole host of other online platforms, such as Coursera, have some brilliant training available.

  1. Build relationships

Working in an office, you talk about what you did at the weekend, what happened on the way to work, what’s happening in the news. All this helps you build relationships with your co-workers and fosters a team-spirit. Working at home can be isolating, so when you do speak or message, share what is happening in your personal and family life, share your hopes and fears: being vulnerable and sharing deeply builds connection and helps everybody to get through this difficult time. When people know that someone cares, it’s easier to handle the stress in this new way of working.

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We are here to help through this difficult time, so please get in here. Email hello@boldclarity.com or call 07795 667480.